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Dream Sculpt Body Spa is dedicated to helping you get the body you’ve always wanted. You can improve your abs, sculpt your curves, and love how you look and feel with our nonsurgical treatments.

How do you do it without “going under the knife?” Our medical spa in Rochelle, NY, invests in cutting-edge technology and training on the latest nonsurgical aesthetic techniques for services that yield dramatic, noticeable, and long-lasting results.

Now there’s no reason not to reach your best potential. From skin aesthetics to personal strength to enhanced intimacy, Dream Sculpt Body Spa really does transform you from your face down to your base. Let’s talk about achieving your goals today

Featured Treatments

Improve Saggy, Loose, hanging, Dry or Brittle Skin with Radio Frequency and/or microneedling
Get Rid of Double Chin, non-invasive face lift without the use of needles
Alpha Pro
Photo Laser, Hair Removal, Vein treatments, Skin brightening.
Emsculpt NEO
Burn Fat and Increase Muscle in almost any part of your body!
Best Cellulite treatment
Improve Urinary Incontinence, Improve your core strength and balance, Improve sexual function

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