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Michael Brown

Degree in Economics

Michael has a degree in Economics and a masters in secondary Education. Michael has successfully run two businesses and has taught math and Science. He has joined Dream Sculpt Body Spa as a partner, bringing his experiences in business as well as his ambient ability to relate to clients, having dealt with parents and customers in the past. Michael has recently trained with the rest of the staff on the devices and has studied their uses. Feel free to discuss with him any questions regarding their function.

Dr. Alisa Gladstone Brown

Medical degree from New York Medical College

Dr Gladstone-Brown Received her Medical degree from New York Medical College. She completed her Medical Internship at Lenox Hill Hospital and her Residency in Anesthesia from NYU Medical Center. Dr. Gladstone-Brown has been practicing medicine for over 35 years and is presently Director of Anesthesia at Westside GI Center. In her years of practicing medicine, Dr Gladstone-Brown has learned the value of health and wellness in preventing and even reversing many debilitating medical issues. This has driven her to pursue the direction of wellness medicine.  Dr. Gladstone-Brown has trained on all the BTL equipment and is using the equipment as well.




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