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Cellutone | Advanced Cellulite Reduction in New Rochelle

Cellutone is an advanced cellulite treatment capable of reducing skin dimpling and improving skin laxity using therapeutic vibrations. This technology causes strong stimulations and a deep reach, improving the skin on an unprecedented level.

Dream Body Sculpt is proud to be the premier provider of Cellutone in the New Rochelle, New York area. If you struggle with the appearance of cellulite or lax skin, Cellutone may help. Contact us today by calling (914) 229-3959 to schedule a consultation to learn more about this comprehensive cellulite treatment.


Benefits of Cellutone at Dream Body Sculpt

  •  Non-invasive
  •  FDA-cleared procedure
  •  Reduces cellulite
  •  Tightens skin
  •  Increases blood supply
  •  Creates lymphatic drainage
  •  Improves cellulite in common problem areas like the buttocks, thighs, and more

Cellutone Before and After*

The Cellutone before and after images show the impressive results with this nonsurgical cellulite treatment. As with any cosmetic skin procedure, results may vary.* However, each patient achieves a noticeable reduction in skin dimples caused by cellulite. In addition, the patients also achieve impressive improvements in their skin tone and texture.


Understanding Cellulite

Nearly every female, post-pubescent, struggles with cellulite—it is not an uncommon problem. In fact, more than 90% of women deal with the appearance of skin dimples from cellulite. While most people associate this issue with being overweight or having unhealthy lifestyles, scientists now believe cellulite forms due to hormones.

The most common areas affected by skin dimples are the buttock, thighs, and abdomen. Some people can also form cellulite on their chests and upper arms.


What is Cellutone?

Cellutone is an advanced cellulite treatment. Treatments are entirely non-surgical and non-invasive. FDA-cleared to reduce cellulite and restore skin laxity using therapeutic vibrations. In addition, Cellutone increases lymphatic drainage and blood supply in the treatment areas. Best of all, it provides the subsequent removal of interstitial fluid and waste elimination.


What to Expect During Cellutone Treatments

Cellutone is a pain-free treatment. Most people report they are able to relax and enjoy their treatment experience. Best of all, there is minimal downtime required depending on the patient, their treatment areas, and the number of treatments they receive. Cellutone only lasts for about 45 minutes per treatment area. As with any cosmetic treatment, individual experiences are based on your needs and body.*

Cellutone is performed while the patient lays comfortably on a table. The provider uses a handpiece over the treatment area—this device targets the dimples, eliminating cellulite and improving skin laxity. The power pulse vibrations of the machine enhance circulation and oxygen flow. In addition, Cellutone stimulates healthy collagen bundles in the skin. It also increases lymphatic drainage.

Cellutone Results

Many people see improvements in their cellulite after a single Cellutone session. However, it is important to note that Cellutone is not a permanent solution for cellulite. Most people require maintenance treatments occurring every 4 months.


How Long Do Results Last?

Cellutone treatments significantly improve the appearance of cellulite, tighten the skin, and improve the overall skin texture. Unfortunately, it does not provide a permanent solution for cellulite. No cellulite treatment can do this. Cellutone does, however, provide fast, noticeable results after just one treatment.


Cellutone Treatment Plan

To achieve optimal skin results with Cellutone, it is recommended you receive 6 treatments twice a week. Ideally, most people complete their plan in three weeks. Afterward, you may be required to receive maintenance treatments to continue enjoying your skin improvements.


Side Effects*

Side effects of Cellutone are rare. There may be some itching, redness, bruising, or swelling. If these effects occur, they are contained in the treatment area. In addition, they are mild and resolve themselves within a few days. As with all treatments, individual experiences will vary.*



The downtime after Cellutone depends on the patient and the treatment areas. Normally, there is minimal to no downtime needed. As with all treatments, results will vary.*


Who is the Right Cellutone Candidate?

Cellutone is suitable for any patient, regardless of age or skin type, struggling with the appearance of cellulite. To fully determine your candidacy, it is good to schedule a consultation for a medical evaluation. When you schedule a consultation with Dream Sculpt Body, you receive an assessment from the best in the cosmetic industry. Our specialists evaluate your skin and listen to your aesthetic goals. Then, if Cellutone is right for you, they create the perfect treatment plan based on what you need.


Cellutone Cost

The cost of Cellutone varies. Many factors affect the price. These factors include the number of treatments in your plan, the number of treatment areas you select, and if there are any available specials or discounts. If you want to receive your personal Cellutone cost, schedule a consultation. If the cellulite treatment is right for you, you receive a comprehensive plan, including your Cellutone cost. Dream Sculpt Body prides itself on offering the best Cellutone prices in the area.


Why Select Dream Body Sculpt

Dream Body Sculpt is a luxury facility conveniently located in New Rochelle, New York. Our patients receive some of the most innovative cosmetic treatments in the industry right in the comfort of our walls. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best services that achieve optimal customer satisfaction, yielding impressive results at an affordable price.


Cellutone Near Me

If you are tired of hiding your skin and dealing with self-esteem issues caused by cellulite or lax skin, Cellutone may be the solution. Contact Dream Body Sculpt now to schedule a consultation. Call us at (914) 229-3959 to schedule your appointment now and learn how Cellutone can improve your skin. After just one session, you’ll fall back in love with the way your skin looks and feels.




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