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Emsculpt NEO | Build Muscle & Burn Away Stubborn Fat

Emsculpt NEO is a revolutionary body contouring treatment and the only FDA-cleared treatment that simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat. This non-invasive body shaping method is different from other options in the industry. Science has proven Emsculpt NEO to, on average, increase muscle by 25% and decrease fat by 30%. Treatments are painless, last 30 minutes, and require no downtime. Popular treatment areas with Emsuclpt NEO are the abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. Best of all, Emsculpt NEO body contouring results are long-lasting and natural-looking.

If you are looking to sculpt and define your muscles while also burning away stubborn bulges, Emsculpt NEO may be right for you. Learn more about Emsculpt NEO by scheduling a FREE consultation with Dream Sculpt Body Spa. We are a leading provider of Emsculpt NEO in New Rochelle, NY. Call us today at (914) 229-3959 to schedule your consultation now.

Benefits of Emsculpt NEO

  • Define and sculpt your physique
  • Build, tone, and firm your muscles
  • Reduce stubborn fat
  • FDA-cleared
  • Scientifically proven
  • Long-lasting
  • Natural-looking
  • Convenient 30 min. treatments

Emsculpt NEO Before and After*

Emsculpt NEO before and after photos show how effective this treatment delivers impressive body contouring results. Although individual Emsculpt NEO results will vary per person, each person in the images below is an actual patient portraying genuine results. To experience all the benefits of Emsuclpt NEO and obtain optimal results, it is important to choose a skilled and experienced provider.

Before and after images showing the results of improved muscles on the calves, abdomen, and bicep with Emsculpt Neo treatment at dream sculpt body spa.
Impressive body shaping and muscle growth with before and afters in the tricep, abdomen, and buttocks.
*Results may vary.


The Difference With Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO improves upon the original Emsculpt treatment by adding Radio Frequency (RF) to the already established High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM). This addition of RF energy allows the treatment to target stubborn fat cells and muscle building specifically. Emsculpt NEO is also ideal for more body types. Body sculpting with Emsculpt NEO may be right for those with BMIs of up to 35.


How Does Emsculpt NEO Work?

Emsculpt treatments, also called sessions, are 30 minutes long. During each of these sessions, an applicator is placed on a target area. The applicator emits both HIFEM energy and RF energy.

RF energy is first delivered to tissues in the target area. Then, as the fat cells are heated and begin the process of lipolysis (cell death), the RF energy also warms up the muscles. On the other hand, HIFEM energy will penetrate muscle tissues and stimulate powerful supramaximal contractions. During just one session, 20,000 of these intense contractions will be induced. The body responds to this by creating more muscle cells and enhancing muscle fibers to adapt to the effects of the HIFEM energy.

Fat cells melted by RF energy are disposed of from the body as waste. They cannot grow back or return. The muscle contractions from the HIFEM energy are impossible to achieve with one’s own efforts. Both these factors prove that Emsuclpt NEO is a revolutionary treatment. Long-lasting fat reduction occurs while incredible muscle strengthening takes place.






Emsculpt NEO Treatment Areas

Emsculpt NEO is FDA-cleared to target and treat 4 major areas on the body. These target areas can all be sculpted and defined through fat burning and muscle building from Emsculpt NEO.

  • The Abdomen: Reduce notoriously stubborn belly fat, strengthen your core, and sculpt out washboard abs.
  • The Arms: Enhance and define muscles in the arms such as triceps and biceps.
  • The Legs: Thin and tone the thighs while also firming and building calf muscles.
  • The Buttocks: Emsculpt NEO is the first non-surgical alternative to a butt lift. Get a subtle lift and firm the buttocks.


Treatment Area Graphic of attractive fit couple looking sculpted after body sculpting with Emsculpt NEO.


Emsculpt NEO Results

After treatments, you may feel soreness in the targeted muscles for a few days. The soreness from Emsculpt NEO treatments is comparable to the soreness you feel after an intense workout at the gym. Although results are possible after just one session, a series of 4 sessions (each 5-10 days apart) is typically recommended for optimal body shaping results.

Scientific research and clinical studies show Emsculpt NEO to be both safe and effective at reducing stubborn bulges and increasing muscle. On average, patients obtain a 25% increase in muscles and a 30% decrease in fat. Most patients will see their full results within 3 months of their Emsculpt NEO treatments. However, as with all body contouring treatments, individual results will vary.* The best way to ensure you get the most out of your Emsculpt NEO treatments and obtain optimal results is to choose a skilled and experienced provider. Emsculpt NEO is technique-sensitive. As such, your provider will have a significant impact on your overall Emsculpt NEO experience. Dream Sculpt Body Spa is a reputable provider in New Rochelle, NY. We are dedicated to helping you get the body results you desire.


The Cost of Emsculpt NEO

Personalized treatment plans are made for each individual patient based on their body shaping goals and budget. Emsculpt NEO sessions are tailored to each person’s body and the chosen target area(s). Therefore, Emsculpt NEO costs will vary. During a consultation with Dream Sculpt Body Spa, an expert in Emsculpt NEO will discuss the price of treatment with you in detail. If Emsculpt NEO is right for you, Dream Sculpt Body Spa will create your personal treatment plan.


Emsculpt NEO Near Me | Choose Dream Sculpt Body Spa

Choose Emsculpt NEO to help you burn away stubborn fat and build muscle for an amazing body transformation. Dream Sculpt Body Spa is a leading provider of body contouring services in New Rochelle, NY. We are passionate about helping all patients achieve their dream body. Dream Sculpt Body Spa experts can help you decide if this treatment is right for you. Contact us today to learn about Emsculpt NEO and what it can do for your physique by calling (914) 229-3959.

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Results and patient experience may vary. Patients shown in the B&A pictures are within +/- 5 lbs of their original weight unless specified. As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the EMSCULPT NEO procedure is right for you. EMSCULPT NEO is intended for treatment of obesity by fat reduction through neuromuscular stimulation, radiofrequency induced lipolysis and increase of blood flow.

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