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Transform your skin

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Exion | A Gamechanger for Skincare

Exion helps transform a remarkable 23 different parts of your skin spanning across the entire body. Exion comes with four different modes: Micro-needling RF, Face Applicator, Body Applicator, and Emfemme 360 Applicator. This is not your standard microneedling device. The unique fractional radio frequency technology allows Exion to reach double the depths of tradition microneedling even though the needles reach equal depths. This allows Exion to outperform its competitors despite causing less discomfort.

If you are looking to transform your skin, Exion may be the best option for you! Learn more about Exion by scheduling a FREE consultation with Dream Sculpt Body Spa. We are a leading provider of Exion in New Rochelle, NY. Call us today at (914) 229-3959 to schedule your consultation now.

Benefits of Exion

  • Turn back the clock on your skin health
  • Look younger and feel better
  • Treat 23 parts of your body, spanning head to toe
  • AI helps Exion deliver the exact amount of energy needed to treat your skin
  • Scientifically proven
  • Less pain and better results than other microneedling
  • Natural-looking
  • Convenient, fast treatments

Exion Before and After*

Exion before and after photos show the stark difference patients see before and after treatment. Although individual Exion results will vary per person, each person in the images below is an actual patient portraying genuine results.









*Results may vary.

The Difference With Exion

Hyaluronic acid helps people avoid wrinkles and scarring. It keeps the skin seem younger and healthier, so the more hyaluronic acid we can introduce to the skin, the better the results. Exion increases hyaluronic acid by 224%, while still remaining a comfortable treatment. There’s no more excuses to leave wrinkles and scarring that cause you discomfort. Exion is here to help!

Exion Treatment Areas

Exion can treat the skin surrounding 23 different body parts using four applicators:

  • Micro-needling RF: Can treat the face and body with deeper penetration and less discomfort than traditional microneedling
  • Face Applicator: Treats the neck and face using radio frequency and guided ultrasound to create the best results
  • Body Applicator: Exion can treat your face, feet, and everything in between!
  • Emfemme 360 Applicator


The Cost of Exion

Personalized treatment plans are made for each individual patient based on their body shaping goals and budget. Exion sessions are tailored to each person’s body and the chosen target area(s). Therefore, Exion costs will vary. During a consultation with Dream Sculpt Body Spa, an expert in Exion will discuss the price of treatment with you in detail. If Exion is right for you, Dream Sculpt Body Spa will create your personal treatment plan.

Exion Near Me | Choose Dream Sculpt Body Spa

Choose Exion to help you burn away stubborn fat and build muscle for an amazing body transformation. Dream Sculpt Body Spa is a leading provider of body contouring services in New Rochelle, NY. We are passionate about helping all patients achieve their dream body. Dream Sculpt Body Spa experts can help you decide if this treatment is right for you. Contact us today to learn about Exion and what it can do for your physique by calling (914) 229-3959.

How can I start?

How can I start?

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By submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email.*

Results and patient experience may vary.  As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the Exion procedure is right for you. Exion is intended for skin treatment through ultrasound-guided, fractional radiofrequency.

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