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Powerful Custom Combinations for Body Sculpting in Lower Westchester

Each of our nonsurgical treatments offer amazing results for specific aspects of your body’s contour and aesthetics. You can choose from different treatments that can:

  • Reduce stubborn fat deposits
  • Build targeted, defined muscle mass
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Improve core/pelvic floor strength
  • Tighten and firm skin
  • Improve women’s sexual function

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Now, imagine the powerful results you can achieve when you combine treatments? There’s no “one size fits all” plan to individualized wellness goals. There’s only the plan that perfectly fits you! And at Dream Sculpt Body Spa, we’re planning on your success every day.

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?



Minimal or none, depending on treatments

Sessions Needed: 

Depends on treatments

Results Duration:

Depends on treatments

What Body Sculpting Combinations Can Treat

Stubborn fat deposits

Hard-to-achieve muscle definition 

Appearance of cellulite

Skin texture

Loss of collagen/elastic

Sagging/loose skin

Urinary incontinence

Weakened vaginal walls

Pelvic floor strength

Sexual dysfunction

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal tissue laxity

Clitoral atrophy

Why Try Body Sculpting in lower Westchester?


Multiple Tactics

Your body sculpting goal may be best achieved by multiple treatments.

Customized Plan

Your provider will help you choose the right treatments for the right results.


All of our body sculpting treatments are nonsurgical for little to no downtime.

What to Expect

The Combination Treatments Process



Choosing the right combination of treatments starts with a personal consultation with your trained and licensed Dream Sculpt Body Spa provider. During this personal one-on-one, you’ll talk about your goals for treatment, and your medical history. They’ll also visually assess your target treatment areas. Once the right combination is agreed upon, we’ll schedule your sessions and you’ll be filled in on any necessary preparation details.



All of our treatments at Dream Sculpt Body Spa are nonsurgical, and most are minimally or noninvasive. That means little to no downtime for any of the treatments, plus no worries about the effects of general anesthesia, surgical scarring, or severe side effects. There’s no need for scalpels or needles. You just get great results, quickly and easily. Most treatments can be done consecutively during the same visit!



Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. However, several treatments deliver positive results after the first session. Optimal results show up within a few weeks of the treatments, with some procedures building upon the gains from previous sessions for a cumulative effect.  As your treatments progress, you’ll discover you’re seeing your body sculpting dreams become reality.

Combination Treatments

Body Sculpting Options


Emsculpt NEO

Builds muscles while permanetly removing fat cells.



Builds and strengthens pelvic floor muscles.



Tightens skin and improves texture while disrupting fat cells.


Emfemme 360

Improves women’s pelvic floor strength and sexual function.



Fights cellulite while improve skin health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know which treatments to combine?

Your Dream Sculpt Body Spa provider is a trained professional who will help curate the right treatment combination for your goals. You are always in the driver’s seat, from setting up realistic body sculpting possibilities, to choosing which of our suggested treatments you want to undergo. As a team, we’ll work together to sculpt your dream body.

Can I combine my body sculpting treatments with facial aesthetic treatments too?

You can absolutely combine body sculpting treatments at Dream Sculpt Body Spa with our facial aesthetic treatments. Want to lose fat, gain muscle, and have a nonsurgical facelift? We can do that. Want to improve your sex life and have an invigorating facial? We can do that too. Our combinations will always achieve two things: your aesthetic goals, and your personal wellness.

What if I have certain treatments already in mind?

We can also design a treatment plan that’s based exclusively on your personal input. Just know that we will always offer our professional opinions on what will work best for the results you want. But if you have a definite treatment in mind that you want to utilize, we will work that in. Our concierge service is dedicated to your health, wellness, and satisfaction.

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