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Customize a Treatment Combination at Your Day Spa in Lower Westchester

When you see our choices for day spa treatments, you may realize that one of them would be perfect for some of your goals, but one of the others might also work for another of your concerns.

Which do you choose?  How about both—or more?

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At Dream Sculpt Body Spa, we can help you curate an effective and enjoyable custom combination of treatments that will make you look and feel your best. From addressing wrinkles, to getting that “glow,” to reducing acne scars and more, we’ll help you build a powerful plan to achieve beautiful results.

Combination Treatment Details

Consultation Required?



Minimal to none, depending on the treatments chosen

Sessions Needed: 

Depends on treatments chosen

Results Duration:

Depends on treatments chosen

What Our Day Spa in Lower Westchester Treats:


Facial lines

Skin texture


Acne scarring

Skin laxity

Sagging skin

Crepey skin

Diminished collagen/elastin

Stretch marks

Skin luster/dullness

Clogged pores

Dry skin

Why Try Our Day Spa in Lower Westchester?

Amazing Skin

By combining treatments, you can achieve smooth, supple, glowing results.

Better Results

Because we’re a medical spa, our treatments are not only relaxing, but goal-focused.

Flexible Options

We can curate a custom plan including day spa treatments and body sculpting choices.

What to Expect

The Day-Spa Treatment Process



Choosing the right combination of day spa treatments starts with a personal consultation with your trained and licensed Dream Sculpt Body Spa provider. During this personal one-on-one, you’ll talk about what your goals are, your medical history, and your self care at home. They’ll also visually assess your treatment areas. Once the right combination is agreed upon, we’ll schedule your sessions and provide preparation details.



A combination of treatments at Dream Sculpt Body Spa accomplishes so much for your skin. From anti-aging to texture improvement to acne management and scar reduction, choosing the right combination of procedures can make a profound difference.  Many of our treatments not only work on your face but also on areas of concern all across your body, for true “face down to your base” care.



We know every patient has different concerns, and different responses to treatments—so individual results will vary. However, many patients see positive results after one session for several of our treatments.  Depending on the options chosen, optimal results may show up after a few weeks of the treatments, or as a cumulative effect from the series of sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose body sculpting options to go with my day spa choices?

That’s part of the beauty—and the fun—of creating a custom combination of treatments at Dream Sculpt Body Spa! Imagine creating a smooth, supple youthful glow to your facial skin and achieving rock hard abs. Or having a nonsurgical face lift while also improving your sexual function? Your health and wellness doesn’t mean just one thing or concern; it’s an integrated system that we understand and can help you improve.

Can I enjoy services at your day spa if I've had dermal fillers or Botox/Dysport/other injectables?

You can enjoy all our noninvasive, nonsurgical choices even if you have had dermal filler or neuromodulator/neurotoxin injections. As part of your consultation, you’ll fill your provider in on what other aesthetic treatments you’re having or planning to have. As part of our personalized treatments, we’ll help curate what will work best for your situation, and then customize the treatment itself so that you can achieve the best results.

How will I know which facial treatments to choose at my day spa in lower Westchester?

Understanding what the choices accomplish is key to choosing which ones to combine. Your Dream Sculpt Body Spa provider is a trained professional who will help to curate the right treatment combinations, supplying useful suggestions to achieve short-term and/or long-term goals. Keep in mind that you are always in the driver’s seat, choosing which of our suggested treatments you want to undergo.

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