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Emfemme 360’s RF Therapy Can Reinvigorate Intimacy

Women of all ages can lose confidence in their love life. Maybe your body has changed after child birth or menopause. Maybe you’re struggling with urinary incontinence that affects your confidence. Or maybe sex just doesn’t have the same feel it used to.

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Emfemme 360 addresses all of these concerns. By homogeneously heating deep tissues in the treatment area, Emfemme in lower Westchester can make your vagina feel tighter and plumper, with better lubrication and heightened sensitivity. It also improves pelvic floor strength for improved bladder control.

Get your confidence—and your “groove”—back, with Emfemme 360.

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 


Results Duration:

6 to 12 months

What it Treats

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal tissue laxity

Weakened vaginal walls

Clitoral atrophy

Urinary incontinence

Why Try Emfemme 360 in lower Westchester?



It only takes 8 minutes to receive Emfemme 360.


Most patients experience nothing more than a gentle heating sensation during the treatment.


Emfemme 360 addresses a wide array of women’s wellness concerns.

What to Expect

The Emfemme 360 Process



Your journey starts with a personal consultation with your trained and licensed Dream Sculpt Body Spa provider. During this personal one-on-one, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss all your concerns, your goals for treatment, and your medical history. If Emmfemme 360 is deemed the best treatment to address your concerns and achieve your goals, we’ll schedule your sessions and help you prepare.



Using a specialized handpiece, the Emfemme 360 device applies radio frequency (RF) energy in a 360 degree circumference inside the vagina, and/or to the labia/clitoris to comfortably and quickly heat deeper tissues. Your body begins rebuilding collagen production and renewing blood flow for a tighter, plumper vaginal feeling, and renewed clitoral sensitivity. The treatment also promotes vaginal lubrication, more sensation, and more satisfying intimacy.



Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. However, many see full results after their first treatment. The heating element can further treat feminine health concerns such as pain, muscle spasms and lack of circulation in and around the vagina. To further enhance your results, Emfemme 360 works great with:

  • Emsella (The Pelvic Power Package)

  • Emface

  • Emtone


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to Your Emfemme 360 Treatment in lower Westchester, Dream Sculpt Body Spa Recommends:


Drink plenty of water to help your body as it regenerates collagen and increases blood flow.


Wear comfortable clothing, including non-restrictive undergarments.


Ask all your questions so that you’re fully comfortable with this vaginal rejuvenation technique.


Post Treatment

Post-Care Instructions

Following Your Emfemme 360 Treatment in lower Westchester, Dream Sculpt Body Spa Recommends:


There’s no recovery or downtime need; you can get back to your regular daily routine.


There may be some mild redness or swelling, which dissipates within a few hours.


Once any swelling or redness has gone, you can engage in intimacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes a good candidate for Emfemme 360?

Emfemme 360 is a great option for women who want a nonsurgical approach to improve pelvic strength for better control of incontinence, to improve vaginal laxity, and to enhance external vaginal aesthetics for more confidence during intimacy.

What are some of the extended benefits to having Emfemme 360?

First and foremost, Emfemme 360 provides vaginal rejuvenation that helps with women’s sexual dysfunction. It tightens and firms the vaginal canal. It also does the same for the outer tissues and labia in what some patients call a vaginal “facelift.”

Because sexual pleasure involves blood flow, the increased blood circulation promoted by Emfemme’s volumetric heating improves sensitivity in vaginal tissues—including the clitoris.

The heating can also help alleviate muscle pain and spasms by helping those deeper pelvic muscles relax.

Because Emfemme 360 also improves pelvic floor strength and tone, it helps combat the symptoms of stress and urge urinary incontinence.

All of these combined improve a woman’s self-confidence, wellbeing, and joy for sexual intimacy.

How long do Emfemme 360 results last?

The results of your Emfemme 360 treatments can be experienced after your first session. After 3 to 4 sessions, the positive effects can last 6 to 12 months. To help those results last longer, we recommend coming to Dream Sculpt Body Spa every 12 to 18 months for a “touch up” treatment.

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